Raz de Sein


The Trophée Marie Agnès Péron

Success since its creation in 2005, the Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron quickly became a qualifying race for the Mini-Transat. The competition of 200 milles in the Iroise Sea and and in the south of Brittany, nonstop solo is already recognized by the ministes as a race very technical and tactical! The relatively short length of the route is played at a pace to sprint.

Minis therefore leave the bay of Douarnenez to the Groix island by the passage of Raz, and having turned the plateau Birvideaux, they will return to Douarnenez by the most werterly buoy of the Chaussée de Sein. It will be necessary for competitors to sail closer to the rocks between the Raz de Sein, the lighthouses and Glénan Islands. This young competition has already to his credit number of stories to be told by the fireside! These places are usually well known to the Breton sailors because many races take place there. However, MAP focuses somehow the experience of some to turn it into an exercise in style because it is the solo sailing, the double passage of Raz, the effects of current and traffic islands and the high number of participants. Several years ago, a thick fog caused some stranded on the side Glénan to go while back saw some tired, pass very near the rocks of Raz.

Mini 260