Come and live in Douarnenez

Arrival by road, air or rail:

Consult the Douarnenez Tourist Office web site: http:/

Arrival by sea:

Ras de SeinIf you are coming from the South, you must pass through the « raz de Sein » (the straits between the ile of Sein and the point of Raz), on a flow tide. Once this is done you have 31 nautical miles ahead

of you before tying up to a pontoon in the port of Treboul.

If you are coming from the North, be sure to wear you sunglasses, for it’s really sunny here! Go through the « Chenal du Four on an ebb tide. Once past Molène you have 37 sea miles ahead of you before having a beer on the pontoon!

Preparing your boat:

Baie de Douarnenez
Photo Anne Spiquel

If you wish to refresh you boat with new halyards, sheets or other equipment, rush off to AD Douarnenez, a few steps away from the pontoons. Véro will be pleased to advise you and supply you with your needs.

If your sails are not performing to your satisfaction, get in touch with Fred, in the « Voilerie Fiacre », just in front of the pontoons. 11056728/voilerie-fiacre.html

Having a jar (drink):

You’ll have no problem finding your way to « La Pointe » and « Chamouette ». If you continue your way to Douarnenez, it will lead you to « Bar à Tribord » and perhaps a little concert in the « Pourquoi Pas » with a final glass in the « Banana Boat ». Be sure not to attempt climbing to your masthead the following morning!