A (good) saucisson is best eaten with friends.

The 869 has already led three skippers, soon to be joined by a fourth, to enjoy the sweet taste of victory this 2016 season.
As soon as the chase for podium positions opened, Benoît Henri and Charly Fernbach sailed the Fauffiffon Hénaff to victory this April in the Lorient Bretagne Sud Mini.
In early May, and on the same Pogo 3, Renault Mary pocketed second place in the Pornichet Sélect 6.50, finishing only one minute behind the winner.
With Charly at the wheel, the pink Mini won third place in the Mini en Mai in La Trinité sur Mer, just a fortnight ago.
For the double bill in Douarnenez, it is Davy Beaudart who will be in the starting block on board the now famous 869, which may win a place on the podium again, thanks to the expertise of its skipper, a three-time winner of the Trophy.
So this is the foursome, the Y Team (Charly, Mary, Davy and Benny), all dead keen, who share their saucisson like friends at aperitifs and on the podium.
Let’s wish them a fair wind!

Press Conference about the Mini Races

We are delighted to invite you to a press conference about the Mini Class races organized by the Winches Club: the Trophée Marie Agnès Péron and the Mini Fastnet. This press conference will take place on:
Thursday 2nd June at 11am at the Maison du Nautisme in Douarnenez-Tréboul.