2nd win for Ambrogio Beccaria

In the lead from start to finish, Ambrogio Beccaria (943): “The race felt somehow weird and short, but at the same time it was very challenging to stay focused all along”. Alone in the lead, the Italian thinks he was rather lucky since he did not get too bad weather conditions.

Arnaud Machado (910) is in the second place and delighted to retain the lead of the French championship. “Work pays! I did not have time to sleep or eat. I was seasick when arriving at Chaussée de Sein.”

Paul Cloarec (951) finished in third place. “I am lucky the boat was fast… considering all the mistakes I made” he says with a smile. It was his first race of the year and is very happy with his ranking, behind the “two aliens”, as he friendly calls them .

Félix de Navacelle (4) Paul Cloarec (3) Ambrogio Beccaria (1) Arnaud Machado (2)