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The safety and weather briefing

The safety and weather briefing take place on Wednesday  2 june at 18:00  with Denis Hugues, race Director, Jean-Jacques Quéré, weather forcaster and Frédéric Guérin, President of the Race Comittee.

It will take place as a video-conference and you must connect at 17:45 using the following link : Briefing via Teams

You’re not obliged to install the  Teams application, you can connect using an up to date internet browser.

To connect to  Wifi : Winchesclub-Guest / password : Map&FastNet21

The briefing will be recorded  and put online afterwards.


Born in Mini

Offshore racing has by now well and truly re-started , since last weekend up till the end of this week three races have taken place and it’s interesting to see that a fair few competitors have been in the Mini Class. So we had  the Transat in pairs  7 « born in Mini » and noticed  a great second place for   Tanguy Le Turquais. At the moment the  Normandy Channel Race pack which  includes  15 former  Mini skippers has reached the south of Ireland led by Ian Lipinski and Gwenolé Gahinet. And Ocean Race Europe left on Saturday with  9 former Mini skippers. Taking part in the  Mini’s is one of best ‘passports’ to offshore racing !

But let’s come back to  Douarnenez, at 2 days from departure the number of those registered has fallen to  73 for varied, different reasons and the waiting list has been exhausted. Competing we find  10 nationalities, 10 women and 63 men. Amongst them, in the  series, we find  Léo Debiesse on the  966 once more – the Alphas, Basile Bourgnon on the 975 -Edenred, Jean-Marie Jézéquel on the  951 – Branchet/KPL, Hugo Picard the last winner of the Trophy on the 1014 – SVBTeam and of course Hugo Dhallenne, on the 979 – St Lunaire Yacht Club who has won the three Atlantic races this year. On the Mediterranean side, one to watch is  Alberto Riva on the  993.
Looking at the prototypes, Sébastien Pebelier on the podium last Mini en Mei and Select, will once again skipper 787-DECOSAIL and  Irina Gracheva will be on the 800, very motivated after long repairs on its keel. We’ll also see  Victor Turpin on the  850-Pays d’Iroise. The big favourite of the prototypes is  Pierre Le Roy on the  1019- BIG BOUNCE which won the  Plastimo Lorient this year.

You can find all the competitors registered here :


Press release

Here we are two weeks away from the launch of the 16th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy which  75 sailors have currently registered for.  This is a special, autumnal version of the race which usually takes place in June and has been postponed due to the public health crisis. So the Trophy draws to a close  a season turned upside down. Our patron this year is Capucine Trochet who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the Tara Tari,  a boat made from hessian.

On Tuesday 13th October we’ll start the obligatory security checks which must  be passed to take part in the race. This challenge – part of the  French Championships Solo Offshore Racing – Mini 6.50 is a  220 nautical mile course in the Iroise Sea and South Brittany. Leaving from Douarnenez –  if weather conditions allow – the competitors must first negotiate the Raz de Sein passage before running eastward alongside the coast until they wind around the  Birvideaux plateau between Groix, the Quiberon peninsula and  Belle-Île-en-Mer and return to Douarnenez circumventing  Sein island from the west. Departure is scheduled for 15th October. Free boat mooring is open from 8th October in Tréboul marina.


The provisional France rankings  after two stages :

1 – Irina GRACHEVA
2 – Emmanuel RENAUD
3 – Jordan DELRIEU

2 – Jean-Marie JEZEQUEL
3 – Brieux LEBEC

Press Pack

MAP trophy October 2020

Douarnenez on June 04, 2020.

As indicated, there will be no MiniFastnet this year. The MAP trophy will take place from 15th to 17th October  2020.

It is a new race which requires to renew your registration. The pre-registration period with the MINI class ends and official registrations for the October race will be open on the MAP website from  01/07/2020.

The registration order for the 75 places will take into account the pre-registration list with the MINI class.


The MAP 2019

The 15th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy ended last Friday with the consecration of the two winners, Ambrogio Beccaria in series and Axel Tréhin for the prototype category, at the awards ceremony.

Ambrogio Beccaria on the « Pogo 3 » (943) series has won for the second consecutive time, during a race shortened this year by about half due to weather conditions. Axel Tréhin finally won his first victory on board of Tartine, his plan Lombard, finishing less than 5 minutes before François Jambou. It was a challenging race where it was not possible to let go of the helm and the slightest error had direct consequences.

2nd win for Ambrogio Beccaria

In the lead from start to finish, Ambrogio Beccaria (943): “The race felt somehow weird and short, but at the same time it was very challenging to stay focused all along”. Alone in the lead, the Italian thinks he was rather lucky since he did not get too bad weather conditions.

Arnaud Machado (910) is in the second place and delighted to retain the lead of the French championship. “Work pays! I did not have time to sleep or eat. I was seasick when arriving at Chaussée de Sein.”

Paul Cloarec (951) finished in third place. “I am lucky the boat was fast… considering all the mistakes I made” he says with a smile. It was his first race of the year and is very happy with his ranking, behind the “two aliens”, as he friendly calls them .

Félix de Navacelle (4) Paul Cloarec (3) Ambrogio Beccaria (1) Arnaud Machado (2)

Axel Tréhin broke the ban of finishing 2nd!

Axel Tréhin (945) wins the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron by crossing the finish line at 6:57 pm and 48 seconds,

followed by François Jambou (865) less than 5 minutes later. At 7:34 pm, Erwan Le Méné (800) completed the podium ahead of Morten Bogacki (934) who arrived 5 minutes later.

During this shortened, intense race, Axel Tréhin started taking the lead at Basse Royal. It was necessary to slalom between the algae and face strong winds up to 40 knots. This requires permanent concentration. Don’t let go the helm!.

Axel Tréhin is very happy with this first solo victory on board of “Tartine”, having been twice second behind François Jambou.

l to r : Erwan Le Méné, Axel Tréhin, Francois Jambou, Morten Bogacki

At Basse du Lis

Two hours before the arrival of the first prototype, everything remains to play! Axel Tréhin (945) and François Jambou (865) are in the lead and are now far ahead Erwan Le Méné (800), caught up by Morten Bogacki (934). For the series, Arnaud Machado (910) is catching up with Ambrogio Beccaria (943) and is now in second place. Paul Cloarec (951) is joined by the peloton.

Abandon: Marie Gendron (930 ) is returning to Douarnenez


At the point “Basse Royale”, there was a gap of two hours between the first and the last competitor.

Midway through, Axel Tréhin seems to have been the first to tack at the Occidentale de Sein with 30 minutes ahead of the routings. The leading trio for the prototype boats remains unchanged, followed by Morten Bogacki (934). For the series boats, Ambrogio Beccaria (943) is still in the lead and is tied with the prototypes of Vincent Lancien (679), Raphael Lutard (900) and Matteo Sericano (888). Then, just ahead of the pack, Paul Cloarec (951) and Arnaud Machado (910) are
neck and neck.

Abandonment: 908 Pavel Roubal (water ingress) is returning back to Douarnenez.