Axel Tréhin broke the ban of finishing 2nd!

Axel Tréhin (945) wins the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron by crossing the finish line at 6:57 pm and 48 seconds,

followed by François Jambou (865) less than 5 minutes later. At 7:34 pm, Erwan Le Méné (800) completed the podium ahead of Morten Bogacki (934) who arrived 5 minutes later.

During this shortened, intense race, Axel Tréhin started taking the lead at Basse Royal. It was necessary to slalom between the algae and face strong winds up to 40 knots. This requires permanent concentration. Don’t let go the helm!.

Axel Tréhin is very happy with this first solo victory on board of “Tartine”, having been twice second behind François Jambou.

l to r : Erwan Le Méné, Axel Tréhin, Francois Jambou, Morten Bogacki