2020 Results


Some wonderful conditions were brought together for this autumnal version of the 16th Marie-Agnès Peron Trophy. Good, varied weather and an unexpected  finish came together to bring the Mini season to a close.

Entering Douarnenez Bay was a really decisive moment and created quite a few disappointments last night.

But thankfully the hot meal served by the volunteer team was there to cheer everyone up on arrival. Thank you everyone and see you next year!

Finishing order – Prototype :

First : Fabio Muzzolini – 945 – crossed the line at 23:25,19’  which is 1 day 10 hrs 25min and 19 sec of racing

Second : Arno Biston the 551 in 1 day 12 hrs 11min 03sec

Third : Nolwenn Pébelier in 1 day 12 hrs 30min 45sec

Fourth : Emmanuel Renaud in 1 day 12 hrs 46min 03sec

Fifth : Benjamin Doyen in 1 day 12 hrs 54min 25sec


Finishing order -Séries :

First : Hugo Picard on the 1014 in 1 day 11hrs 06 min 59 sec

Second : Léo Debiesse the  966 (séries) in 1 day 11hrs 52min 19sec

Third : Lennart Burke on 943 (séries) in 1 day 11hrs 58min 15sec

Fourth : Loïc Blin on 871 (séries) in 1 day 12hrs 03min 03sec

Fifth : Jean-Marie Jézéquel on 1016 in 1 day 12hrs 04min 18sec


Podium Vintage Prototypes :

551 Arno Biston

606 Lucas Valenza-Troubat

433 Irana Gracheva

Podium Vintage Séries :

488 Antoine Biarnes

697 Hélène Clouet

671 Matthieu Lacharme



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