MAP trophy October 2020

Douarnenez on June 04, 2020.

As indicated, there will be no MiniFastnet this year. The MAP trophy will take place from 15th to 17th October  2020.

It is a new race which requires to renew your registration. The pre-registration period with the MINI class ends and official registrations for the October race will be open on the MAP website from  01/07/2020.

The registration order for the 75 places will take into account the pre-registration list with the MINI class.


MAP Trophy postponed

MAP Trophy postponed on 15th October 2020

(Requires a new pre-registration on the site of the Mini class and from 01/07/2020 a registration on the MAP website - winches Club.)

The race route

The Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron is a regatta that complements the Mini-Fastnet. A kind of exercise in style as are often single-handed sailing. The Iroise and Brittany have a range of coastlines, islands and narrow passages that generate very different sailing conditions. Advantage or not, the Breton sailor knows well these waters in general and the shelters are never distant or difficult to access in case of trouble.

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The MAP 2019

The 15th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy ended last Friday with the consecration of the two winners, Ambrogio Beccaria in series and Axel Tréhin for the prototype category, at the awards ceremony.

Ambrogio Beccaria on the « Pogo 3 » (943) series has won for the second consecutive time, during a race shortened this year by about half due to weather conditions. Axel Tréhin finally won his first victory on board of Tartine, his plan Lombard, finishing less than 5 minutes before François Jambou. It was a challenging race where it was not possible to let go of the helm and the slightest error had direct consequences.

2nd win for Ambrogio Beccaria

In the lead from start to finish, Ambrogio Beccaria (943): “The race felt somehow weird and short, but at the same time it was very challenging to stay focused all along”. Alone in the lead, the Italian thinks he was rather lucky since he did not get too bad weather conditions.

Arnaud Machado (910) is in the second place and delighted to retain the lead of the French championship. “Work pays! I did not have time to sleep or eat. I was seasick when arriving at Chaussée de Sein.”

Paul Cloarec (951) finished in third place. “I am lucky the boat was fast… considering all the mistakes I made” he says with a smile. It was his first race of the year and is very happy with his ranking, behind the “two aliens”, as he friendly calls them .

Félix de Navacelle (4) Paul Cloarec (3) Ambrogio Beccaria (1) Arnaud Machado (2)

Axel Tréhin broke the ban of finishing 2nd!

Axel Tréhin (945) wins the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron by crossing the finish line at 6:57 pm and 48 seconds,

followed by François Jambou (865) less than 5 minutes later. At 7:34 pm, Erwan Le Méné (800) completed the podium ahead of Morten Bogacki (934) who arrived 5 minutes later.

During this shortened, intense race, Axel Tréhin started taking the lead at Basse Royal. It was necessary to slalom between the algae and face strong winds up to 40 knots. This requires permanent concentration. Don’t let go the helm!.

Axel Tréhin is very happy with this first solo victory on board of “Tartine”, having been twice second behind François Jambou.

l to r : Erwan Le Méné, Axel Tréhin, Francois Jambou, Morten Bogacki