The final sprint takes off !

It’s the final duel between  Sébastien Pebelier on the  787-Decosail and  Irina Gracheva  on the  800 who are ahead by  a nautical mile and a half  and speed ahead at  4.5 knots,  less than 20 nautical miles from the finish.
Four  nautical miles away to the south-west Pierre le Roy’s 1019-BigBounce  is side to side with the first Series,  Léo Debiesse’s 966-Les Alphas followed by the  950-Porsche François Champion. Sixteen boats have succeeded in rounding  the western buoy of the  Chaussée de Sein, many more are still working round it. At this rate the first ones are expected just before midnight, with the main group arriving at dawn.

1016, 903 and 871  have retired from the race.

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