75 nautical miles in 8 hours !

After 8 hours sailing, the race leader is nearly in view of  Groix island whilst the latecomers  approach the Glenans. The leaders have set a fast pace and already covered about  75 nautical miles out of the total 220 so a third of a the race. So we find  Fabio Muzzolini on the 945 outstripping by 2 nautical miles the Maxi (séries) belonging to Hugo Dhallenne on the 979 and Jean-Marie Jézéquel on the 1016. After them come two more Maxi’s, Anne-Claire Le Berre’s 1005 and Basile Bourgnon’s 975 are bumper to bumper. For the proto’s, Emmanuel Renaud’s  753  is in 2nd position at 4 miles from the leader tailed by  Nolwenn Pébelier on the 787.

Withdrawals :

Victor Turpin’s 850 had a broken  bowsprit and  returns to Lorient.

David Bellanger’s 867  encountered  piloting problems and went back to Douarnenez.

Tanguy Aulanier’s 896 had power issues and is  going to  Lorient or La Trinité


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