A light wind announced for the MAP 2022

Scheduled on Thursday, June 2nd at 15:00, the start of the Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy is getting closer! While the volunteers of the Winches Club are busy with the last safety checks of the Mini 6.50 and the preparation of the welcome drink, the skippers  have collected their beacons and the race instructions and are finalizing the last preparations. Alice Valiergue, sociologist, on the 589 Walaby series,  finishes repairing her bowsprit and laughing, declares “I have a small budget but I like the adrenalin that Mini races bring“. Boat number to be glued back on, cracked waterproof container, faulty electrical wiring, everyone has their own little technical problem. The biggest problems, such as water ingress, mean that the skippers have to withdraw at the last minute. Course n°1 has been approved by the Race Committee, so it will be the complete course to Les Birvideaux that the 78 skippers will have to follow, ready now to present themselves on the start line.

The MAP course

The weather is looking rather calm and according to the afternoon forecast of the 1st June, the skippers will have to play with a variable light to moderate wind from the North. “In spite of the light weather, we shouldn’t be slack on the stowing, to maintain a good trim of the boat throughout the course” announces Hugo Zeitoun on his new Series scow, Raison maxi 650 n° 1043, who is planning the Mini-Transat in 4 years. The arrivals are estimated for Friday night, from around midnight for the first prototype until midday on Saturday and the results will be officially announced at 17:00 on Saturday at the Maison du Nautisme.

Arnaud Rambaud, of the proto 850 and Servane Clouet of the series 824 help each other out.