A night finish under lightning!

Romain Legall first on the line

The first to cross the finish line of the MAP Trophy, at 4.11am under the lightning of a thunderstorm, was Romain Legall (Les optimistes-secours populaire 987) and he was very proud to have beaten the whole fleet of protos on his Maxi production boat!  Among the first to arrive, Arnaud Rambaud (Permis de construire Acieo 850) said “We had a squall at the beginning of the night when we passed the Chaussée de Sein, the 25 knots helped us to cross the Chaussée  against the current, it was good” before adding in agreement with Romain “The short races – 195 NM – like this one are the most difficult in terms of fatigue management, the fleet is very tight and we don’t have time to find a sleep rhythm. Arnaud, second in the Proto class, crossed the line at 5:14, 16 minutes after Laure Galley (DMG Mori 1048). This is Laure’s second victory, after her double victory in the Plastimo Lorient in mid-April, when she took over the brand new Maxi Raison barely two months ago. A very promising start…! With Julie Simon (DynaMIPS 963) in 3rd place in the series ranking, that makes two female podiums among the 13 skippers  present on the race.


Laure Galley
the two first proto early in the morning on the pontoon.

At 12:30, 24 boats out of 73 have arrived in Douarnenez. While the skippers are discussing the race over a coffee at the Maison du Nautisme, those still at sea are in a very light wind of maximum 5 knots. Indeed the fleet broke up a lot during the night. A good part of the Minis are already in the bay of Douarnenez with an average speed of 3 knots while the rest of the fleet is following erratic trajectories in the bay of Audierne, without wind. The finish line closes at 10pm, 18 hours after the first one arrived. Some of them will not be able to cross the line because of the lack of wind. But it’s only a postponement because the Mini-Fastnet starts in 10 days from Douarnenez and many of the competitors present at the MAP will also race in this legendary double-handed regatta!

Podium Series :

987 Les optimistes Secours Populaire 17 – Romain Legall – 04hr12

991 Sport dans la Ville Time for the Planet – Jean Marre – 05hr01

963 DynaMIPS – Julie Simon – 05hr03

De gauche à droite : Julie Simon, Romain Legall et Jean Marre


Prototype podium :

1048 DMG Mori Sailing Academy – Laure Galley – 04hr58

850 Acieo Permis de Construire – Arnaud Rambaud – 05hr14

759 Layline – Uros Krasevac – 5hr27

De gauche à droite : Uros Krasevac, Laure Galley et Arnaud Rambaud