Arrival of the winners

Fabio Muzzolini crossed the line at 23:25:19 which is 1 day 10 hrs 25 min 19 sec of racing. Very happy with first victory « I really wanted to get in front of the Series category . The Maxi go really quickly The start was a bit intense and I quickly took the lead in the race. Next it was 24 hours of stress to keep my position :

There was a lovely night of surfing at Groix . Tartine is a really great boat built by a talented guy and a gentleman. Its also a demanding boat . With my first Transat I passed over on the performance, with the 945 I will remedy that next year.

Arriving at 00:06:59 second Hugo Picard is the first serie on the 1014 « It was intense. I was lucky ! It’s not over until you’re over the finish line. There were a lot of different rhythms. It’s my fourth race of the season, I started on Mini’s on 1st July last year. Three years ago I did a transatlantic on a 7m boat in 31 days…. I want to go faster in 2021.

Podium Proto

1 : Fabio Muzzolini – 945 –  1d 10h 25min 19 sec de course

2 : Arno Biston le 551 – 1d 12h 11min 03sec

3 : Nolwenn Pébelier – 1d 12h 30min 45sec

4 : Emmanuel Renaud –  1d12h 46min 03sec

5 : Benjamin Doyen – 1d 12h 54min 25sec

Podium Série :

1 : Hugo Picard  1014 – 1d11h 06 min 59 sec

2 : Léo Debiesse  966 – 1d 11h 52min 19sec

3 : Lennart Burke   943 – 1d11h 58min 15sec

4: Loïc Blin   871 – 1d 12h 03min 03sec

5 : Jean-Marie Jézéquel  1016 – 1d12h 04min 18sec


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