At 11:00

At the end of the Bay of Douarnenez, Erwan Le Méné (800) is in the lead, closely followed by François Jambou (865) and Axel Tréhin (945) at an average speed of 8.5 knots.
On the Series side, Ambrogio Beccaria is well ahead of other competitors, in a 10-knots southerly wind at the Cap de la Chèvre.

 François Jambou (865) in the lead with Axel Tréhin (945) just behind, tacked Basse Royale shortly after 11:00 am. Note that Raphael Lutard (900), in fourth position in front of Matteo Sericano (888), is nicely catching up since he exited the Bay.

On the Series side, Ambrogio Beccaria (943) is still largely ahead, in front  Joe Lacey (963) and Paul Cloarec (951).

Abandon: Florian Quenot (946) broke his saffron and is returning back to Douarnenez.