At the point “Basse Royale”, there was a gap of two hours between the first and the last competitor.

Midway through, Axel Tréhin seems to have been the first to tack at the Occidentale de Sein with 30 minutes ahead of the routings. The leading trio for the prototype boats remains unchanged, followed by Morten Bogacki (934). For the series boats, Ambrogio Beccaria (943) is still in the lead and is tied with the prototypes of Vincent Lancien (679), Raphael Lutard (900) and Matteo Sericano (888). Then, just ahead of the pack, Paul Cloarec (951) and Arnaud Machado (910) are
neck and neck.

Abandonment: 908 Pavel Roubal (water ingress) is returning back to Douarnenez.