In Wonderland

Franck Lauvray alias Francky calls all his boats “Alice”. Why? Because it slips along obviously! His Mini project dates from when he was 20. He even designed the boat of his dreams ten years ago. But to achieve his desire  for a transatlantic crossing before hitting 50, he acquired the 346. It’s the oldest boat of the fleet which will head off tomorrow morning. But it’s the boat which sticks the closest to his image, with an wing mast and a heap of innovations since 2001 plus the 4 transatlantic crossings that the boat has completed.

A strict amateur, originally from Orvault in Loire-Atlantique, Francky has been sailing at a high level since he was 18. Notably in the Admirals Cup in 1999 “I’m the Pierre Coubertin of the Mini’s! I’m philosophical about things”. With his sheer desire to sail and achieve his 30 year old dream, Franck represents the true spirit of the Mini’s.


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