The pre-race of the Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron will take place in the harbour of Tréboul.

  • Boat Arrivals : From Monday june 1st 2020
  • Begining of check-ins and entry confirmations : Monday June 8 th, 9AM
  • End of check-ins: wednesday June 10 th, 6PM
  • End of registrations : tuesday June 11 th , 8AM
  • Official Reception : Wednesday June 10 th , 7PM
  • Start of the race: tuesday June 11 th 2020
  • Prize giving ceremony and Reception (compulsory) : Saturday June 13 th, 7PM
  • End of the free berth period in the harbour :
    Sunday june 21 th 2019

Note: briefing on tuesday June 11 th in the morning. Any change will be posted on the official board.

Please keep the Race Committee and harbour office informed on your eventual intention to remain in the harbour after the race.