Victory for

Ian Lipinski crosses the finishing line at 19h21min43sec and wins the 13th Marie Agnès Péron Trophy. He beats the trophy’s previous record in 1day, 4h21min43sec (the former record by Giancarlo Pedote was 1day4h49min26sec).


A second start from Penmar’ch

9 June at 12noon.

Now 21 hours into a tightly-fought regatta, and for the frontrunners dominating the race in both categories, it’s time to press the reset button and start afresh at Point Penmar’ch. There are only 70 M before the finishing line.
In Proto, Ian Lipinski is certainly not risking a hare and tortoise replay with Erwan Le Mené’ s 800. That would be ill-advised, as Le Mené, a Vannes-based skipper, is not the type to back down. Even more so as only 5 M behind, three competitors are fighting for the 3rd place: Sébastien Pebellier, Jorg Riechers, and Charlotte Mery, who are sailing keel to keel.

In the category of Production boats, the declared favourites are all present as expected, sailing in extremely close formation. The current rankings place them in order as Benoit Hantzperg, Clarisse Cremer, Tanguy Bouroullec, Erwan le Draoulec, Pierre Chedeville and Tom Nolan…the list needs writing fast before the skippers swap places. Six boats for only three podium places. And the rest of the competitors are coming close behind, very close behind.


North of the Glénan

9 June 10.30am

In Proto, the West Indian skipper Keni Piperol on Région Guadeloupe is the only sailor steering a northerly course past the Glénan archipelago. Everyone one else will be sailing around the Glenans from to South and tacking close to Guilvinec, near Point Penmar’ch.

Many Production boats also go south of the Glénan islands, including Benoit Hantzperg on Mahi-Mahi, who is currently in the pole position. Clarisse Cremer on TBS, in 2nd position, is within musket range of Mahi-Mahi. Same route as well for Stéphane Gresset (‘Uniflow Marine’) and Loic Fagherazzi (‘Trebunnec’). The rest of the tightly-packed fleet is fronted by the quartet formed by Tanguy Bouroullec, Erwan Le Draoulec, Pierre Chedeville and Tom Dolan – who are steering a northerly course towards the Glénan. The results in the rankings might be astonishing once we find out more thanks to a few chart updates. That’s it: all bets are off!