One trophy and a lot of contenders.

Few numbers:

72 skippers on 56 series boats and 16 prototypes, are registered for the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron.

11 nations are represented: Germany, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Potential podium contenders:

The first Atlantic races of the year 2019, PLASTIMO LORIENT MINI, the Pornichet Select and La Mini in May, provide an overview of the sailor-boat couples that could claim the podiums at Douarnenez.

On the series boats side, the “nez rond”, les maxi 650 plan Raison, including the 951 led by Paul Cloarec, question the supremacy of the Pogo 3 on the PLM.
Pogo 3 was nevertheless at the forefront during
La Mini in May with notably Arnaud Machado on board of the 910 and Amelie Grassi on board of the 944. Ambrogio Beccaria will of course also be present on board of the 943 to defend his title.

On the prototype boats side, Erwan le Méné on board of the 800 is a strong concurrent with the needed experience to challenge the 865, which has impressive records, led by François Jambou.

“No way I’ll become the Poulidor of the 2019 season!” said Axel Tréhin after La Mini in May. On Tartine, the 945 plan Lombard, Axel, who arrived twice second and once third since April, is very hungry for success.

In series or proto, the race promises to be exciting!

For the record, the 2018 Podiums:

Series: 1 – 943 – Ambrogio Beccaria, 2 – 920 – Erwan The Draoulec, 3 – 893 – Davy Beaudart
Prototype: 1 – 865 – François Jambou, 2 – 800 – Erwann Le Méné, 3 – 934 – JoergRiechers