The new layout

Due to the expected weather conditions on Friday, June 7th, the layout of the 15th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy is modified and reduced to 90 miles as follows:

The marks of the race are to be left on the sides mentioned below :

The locations of these marks are given for reference purposes only.

  1. Départure North of Tristan Island
  2. Buoy Basse Vieille to starboard (48°08,3 N – 04°35,7 W)
  3. Basse du Lis (Card S) to starboard (48°13,1 N – 04°44,4W)
  4. La Vandrée (card W) to starboard (48°15,3 N – 4°48.2W)
  5. Basse Royale (card S) to port when bypassing it (48°17.5N – 4°49.5W)
  6. Buoy Chaussée de Sein (Card W to port when bypassing it (48°03,8 N – 05°07,7 W)*
  7. Basse du Lis (Card S) to starboard when bypassing it (48°13,1 N – 04°44,4)
  8. Bouée Basse Vieille to port (48°08,3 N – 04°35,7 W)
  9. Finish

The start scheduled on Thursday, June 6th at 16:30 is advanced to the sameday at 08h00.