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At 11:00

At the end of the Bay of Douarnenez, Erwan Le Méné (800) is in the lead, closely followed by François Jambou (865) and Axel Tréhin (945) at an average speed of 8.5 knots.
On the Series side, Ambrogio Beccaria is well ahead of other competitors, in a 10-knots southerly wind at the Cap de la Chèvre.

 François Jambou (865) in the lead with Axel Tréhin (945) just behind, tacked Basse Royale shortly after 11:00 am. Note that Raphael Lutard (900), in fourth position in front of Matteo Sericano (888), is nicely catching up since he exited the Bay.

On the Series side, Ambrogio Beccaria (943) is still largely ahead, in front  Joe Lacey (963) and Paul Cloarec (951).

Abandon: Florian Quenot (946) broke his saffron and is returning back to Douarnenez.

Good start! Nice start!

Under a blue sunny sky and a little breeze, 55 boats took off at 8:00am this Thursday morning.

Already well ahead from its competitors, Erwan Le Méné on the 800 has rounded the offset mark in the lead, followed by Ambrogio Beccaria on 943 and by Vincent Lancien on the 679. Just a bit behind, Axel Tréhin on the 945 had to repair after hitting the mark. A little later, François Jambou on the 865 and Arnaud Machado on the 910 also rounded the mark.

Note: abandonment of 616 (electrical issue) and 740 (bowsprit issue)


They will finally 66 skippers to start this Thursday, June 6 at 8:00 am

To follow the race:


The new layout

Due to the expected weather conditions on Friday, June 7th, the layout of the 15th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy is modified and reduced to 90 miles as follows:

The marks of the race are to be left on the sides mentioned below :

The locations of these marks are given for reference purposes only.

  1. Départure North of Tristan Island
  2. Buoy Basse Vieille to starboard (48°08,3 N – 04°35,7 W)
  3. Basse du Lis (Card S) to starboard (48°13,1 N – 04°44,4W)
  4. La Vandrée (card W) to starboard (48°15,3 N – 4°48.2W)
  5. Basse Royale (card S) to port when bypassing it (48°17.5N – 4°49.5W)
  6. Buoy Chaussée de Sein (Card W to port when bypassing it (48°03,8 N – 05°07,7 W)*
  7. Basse du Lis (Card S) to starboard when bypassing it (48°13,1 N – 04°44,4)
  8. Bouée Basse Vieille to port (48°08,3 N – 04°35,7 W)
  9. Finish

The start scheduled on Thursday, June 6th at 16:30 is advanced to the sameday at 08h00.


Three new recruits

Three new recruits

Three participants will take the start of the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron for the first time tomorrow. And all three have the same goal in mind: the 2021 Mini-Transat.

Aged 27, Nicolas Decomble is a native of the Oise area but lives now in Brest. He is a sailing instructor and has been sailing for about ten years now. He will start the race tomorrow on the 423 series named “Gusto”. His goal: to finish the race … in the first half of the ranking would be extra!

Aged 29, Benjamin Costa is a computer programmer from Paris and the skipper of the 796 “Mini Malist” based in La Rochelle. He started sailing at the age of 6 and became a sailing monitor assistant in 2014, year where he discovered about La Mini. His goal: validate miles, see how it goes, and navigate clean!

Aged 57, Valère Ottaviani is a consultant in digital transformation and information system and keeps great memories of his first races at La Rochelle in 1968. He has been sailing on the Mini 535 “Merak II” since last August. His goal: participate in the 2021 Mini-Transat for his 60th birthday!


D-Day will start sooner!

The start of the 15th Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy is shifted to Thursday, June 6, at 8am. First warning signal at 7:52am.
This decision, made by the race director Denis Hugues in consultation with the Winches Club (organizer of the Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy), is due to the weather conditions forecast for Friday. A depression rising from the Bay of Biscay is indeed expected on the southern coast of Bretagne with wind at 30-35 knots.
The briefing with the skippers initially sche
duled for Thursday, June 6, 2019 in the morning at the “Maison du Nautisme” is shifted to 7pm on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at the “Maison du Nautisme”.

Paul Gauchet, portrait.

At the age of 18 years and 8 days, Paul Gauchet is the youngest participant of the 15th edition of the Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy. He is a professional skipper who started sailing at the age of 7 on a dinghy. Teenager, attracted by keelboats, he started sailing on J80, Open 5.7 as well as Classic Sail. He has been sailing for 5 years now and has already participated three times in the Spi Ouest-France race.

Paul has long dreamed of solo sailing offshore and found out about the Mini on Youtube by chance. This type of navigation seems to be one of the best ways to pursue his dreams since the challenge of a transatlantic on a small boat of 6.50 meters seems simply fantastic. The atmosphere and fame of the Mini Class skippers have strengthened Paul’s choice. He is currently training with Julien Pulvé at La Rochelle.

The Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy will be its 5th Mini race and the 4th race of the season. He took part in all the Atlantic races of the Mini 2019 circuit. His boat is the 616, “Vida Pura”, a 2006 Manuard Tip-Top.

« Pass your Mini first ! »

Thanks to his partners and the unfailing support from his parents, Paul takes part in two races at Douarnenez (in team with Thomas Racoupeau for the Mini-Fastnet) and aims for 25/30 in the overall ranking. “What really matters to me is finding the right management of my time and energy during the race. “

One trophy and a lot of contenders.

Few numbers:

72 skippers on 56 series boats and 16 prototypes, are registered for the 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron.

11 nations are represented: Germany, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Potential podium contenders:

The first Atlantic races of the year 2019, PLASTIMO LORIENT MINI, the Pornichet Select and La Mini in May, provide an overview of the sailor-boat couples that could claim the podiums at Douarnenez.

On the series boats side, the “nez rond”, les maxi 650 plan Raison, including the 951 led by Paul Cloarec, question the supremacy of the Pogo 3 on the PLM.
Pogo 3 was nevertheless at the forefront during
La Mini in May with notably Arnaud Machado on board of the 910 and Amelie Grassi on board of the 944. Ambrogio Beccaria will of course also be present on board of the 943 to defend his title.

On the prototype boats side, Erwan le Méné on board of the 800 is a strong concurrent with the needed experience to challenge the 865, which has impressive records, led by François Jambou.

“No way I’ll become the Poulidor of the 2019 season!” said Axel Tréhin after La Mini in May. On Tartine, the 945 plan Lombard, Axel, who arrived twice second and once third since April, is very hungry for success.

In series or proto, the race promises to be exciting!

For the record, the 2018 Podiums:

Series: 1 – 943 – Ambrogio Beccaria, 2 – 920 – Erwan The Draoulec, 3 – 893 – Davy Beaudart
Prototype: 1 – 865 – François Jambou, 2 – 800 – Erwann Le Méné, 3 – 934 – JoergRiechers


The 15th Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron is on!

Since yesterday morning 9am, volunteers of the Winches Club are welcoming the skippers. This year, the registration takes place in a prefabricated near a crane located at the platform of Port of Tréboul. Registrations, security checks, distribution of T-shirts and of tokens for drinks take place now at the same place. We recall that the security check is mandatory to take part in the race and it is imperative to book a time slot to for that before Wednesday.